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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The top five things customers want to see on your website.

There are times where I will randomly surf the internet to look on websites and review them for my own peace of mind. I would look at the functionality, the navigation and the over all feel of the site and decide if I think it makes a lasting impression. From this I have decided to […]

9 Things We Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

When we come to design and develop your website there are a few details we need to get from you. Your Contact details Name, telephone number, email and business address. This might seem simple but it is vital – we won’t be able to get a hold of you to discuss your project. We also […]

Welcome to Your Online Presence

Who are we?  Your Online Presence was established in Essex in 2014, with a strong vision. This was to create websites that were clear, concise and impactful. We recently took on some new staff and as a result we felt it was time to rebrand YOP web design to Your Online Presence. Why did we […]