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    Why Choose YOP SEO Services?

    Why does SEO matter in Estate Agent?

    To understand why SEO needs to be successful for Estate Agencies, you just have to look at the numbers. At least 44% of all homebuyers rely on Google to search for property listings when they start house hunting. 90% of all potential homebuyers also rely only on Internet searches, which is why Google searches for properties have grown by more than 20% since 2008.

    If you’re an estate agent, you know that these numbers say a lot about how consumers behave and why you’re probably not getting as many sales as your competitors. These days, having an Estate Agent website isn’t enough.

    You also need to invest in the maintenance of that platform with effective SEO strategies. Just imagine that 95% of all web traffic is generated from organic searches and websites that rank number one on Google searches has a 34.36% clickthrough rate. Simply put, if you’re not ranked first, you’re losing leads and sales to the competition.

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    What are the most important ranking factors in for Estate Agent SEO?

    Google implements more than 200 algorithm factors to rank websites, but you can focus on these five that matter the most for your website:

    Good quality content

    Mobile-friendly website


    Page speed

    Quality backlinks

    What are the best practices in Estate Agent SEO?

    SEO can get quite complex even for experts. But you don’t have to be too technical to learn the most important practices in Estate Agent SEO. Here are some of our recommendations:

    Start with local SEO.

    More than 95% of first-time homebuyers between the age of 25 and 49 rely on Google searches to find their home and more than 50% of them will choose to click the first link to appear on the search results.

    If you dig a little further, at least 70% of these homebuyers type their searches based on a specific location. So if you want your website to be more relevant, it’s very important to target local keywords throughout your website to get better chances at ranking higher in search results.

    You also need to practice consistency in your NAP citations. Make sure that your business name, address and phone number are the same across all your online platforms. It’s also very important to get listed in local directories, have a good local business schema on your site and maximise reviews from consumers.

    Estate Agent SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation

    Do keyword research.

    To gain a better understanding about the search terms that your target market is using, you can use SEO tools like SEMrush that offer you relevant information about the top keywords and how many people search for them each month.

    It will help you determine what exact keywords will help you gain more traction in search engines. Keywords with the highest volume usually get you the best chances at ranking higher.

    Invest in your blog.

    Good quality, relevant content still reigns supreme in SEO and if done right, it can actually make your SEO strategy more efficient by at least 50%. Having a blog and using SEO-friendly content that sparks the interest of readers can help your website gain more recognition among consumers.

    Aside from your blog, you should also apply the same technique on your property descriptions, page tags and meta data.

    Take advantage of photos, videos and VR.

    The numbers say it all: 89% of home buyers look at photos to help them decide which property to buy, 50% of home buyers want to do a virtual tour of a home on the Estate Agent website, 44% of properties that sell within or above the list price have sharp photographs.

    That’s the power of visual marketing and you have to take advantage of that if you want to gain more traction in Estate Agent.

    Link to your social media accounts.

    It’s no secret how powerful social media is as a marketing tool today. In fact, studies have proven that a strong social media presence is one of the top factors for higher search engine rankings.

    So aside from producing good content, make sure that you link back to social media platforms by adding retweet buttons,

    posting regularly on Facebook and using hashtags to help boost your rankings and get more unique visits to your website.

    SEO For Estate Agents

    Manage your backlinks.

    Backlink management may sound technical to you, but doing it right can actually do a lot of wonders to your rankings and your website in general. After putting in the effort on onsite SEO, you should start looking at all the existing links pointing back to your website before you can add more.

    Take the time to identify links and audit them to know which ones are helping you get higher rankings and which ones are hindering you from getting to that point. Some of the red flags that you should look for in bad backlinks include poor-quality directories, too much foreign websites, anchor text links and listings offering the wrong information about your business.

    What is the future of Estate Agent SEO?

    Search engine optimisation will continue to be a significant strategy in Estate Agency. Aside from helping you gain more visitors to your website, good SEO can also open up better opportunities for you to reach a wider clientele to sell your properties and boost your revenues without putting in as much as effort as you would do with traditional marketing.

    After all, it’s not 1989 where people read newspapers. Consumers want accessible yet relevant information to help them decide which properties are the most worthwhile to invest in.

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