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    4 Attributes an eCommerce Website Must Have

    You’re going to need an ecommerce site to do just that. It’s the platform where the business of buying and selling happens. For such transactions to occur, however, the website must be engaging and enticing to shoppers and consumers. This is where the best ecommerce design comes into play. In Colchester, there is no shortage […]

    What Is SEO and Why Is It So Important?

    Major search engines like Google have what’s called primary search results, a list of sites returned after a query is fed into the search bar. The items on the list include web pages, local listings and videos. The results are ranked according to what the search engine thinks is relevant to users. A number of […]

    What has Your Online Presence been working on?

    At Your Online Presence we like to work with businesses who offer great services so we can design, develop and promote a community of like-minded people! We have recently had the pleasure of working with two great companies Elecbuild and Barrett Security. We designed, developed and built their websites with an attention to detail second […]