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    How to Design for a Particular Target Audience

    A product is not meant for everyone; there will only be a certain segment of the population drawn to it, and businesses need to focus on that target audience. One of the major aspects of specific targeting is design. A website dedicated to women’s products should appeal to that specific demographic, but how can that be done?

    Identifying the target audience!


    Demographics such as age, sex and location gives you an idea of how to structure your site to appeal to your target audience’s views and expectations. You also need to look at the interest and needs of your audience which you can obtain through surveys, reading industry publications and keeping an eye on the competition.


    Targeting a specific audience means catering to what they want and need. In short, ignore your own preferences. Keep in mind that what you like doesn’t always fit in with your audience. Always look at everything from their perspective.


    A potential buyer needs to know as much as they can about a product. They do a lot of research before making a final decision. It falls on you to convince them that your product is right for them by providing everything they need to know. Determine if the information is best presented in an infographic, a video, Web Design Colchester, or a combination of text and photographs.

    Designing for target audience!


    A good layout will never make your visitors feel lost. In short, they should always know where to find the information they need. For instance, a restaurant’s website should always feature visible links to their menu as that’s what most visitors will most likely want to know about first.


    Determining the colour scheme to be used depends on who you are targeting. If your products are meant for toddlers then your target audience are their parents. They might be adults but using bright colours that showcase the fun and playfulness associated with kids is just as effective.


    A business in the industrial sector will just confuse visitors if their site features a font that is whimsical and fun. Sometimes, the simplest font will do just as long as the text is visible and readable. Colour also factors in here as who you’re targeting determines what you’re going to use. You may use coloured fonts on certain parts of the page while the rest uses neutral tones.


    Language is important as is length. Business websites can either be formal or playful depending on the target demographic. Content length should also be considered especially now that customers need to find information as quickly as they can. Keeping sentences short and to the point helps visitors digest information better.

    Design is an important factor in attracting a particular target audience, and the key to achieving a relevant design is knowing who you are selling to. Once you figure that out, it becomes so much easier to design for them.

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