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    What is the difference between a rebrand, and a redesign?

    This is something that we get asked a lot here at Your Online Presence! For example – we have recently redesigned all of our marketing materials. Such as: Website, Business Cards, Flyers, Signage, we have even changed the way we say our name – Once known as our nickname YOP web design we decided it was time to be called our Grown up name thus you have Your Online Presence.

    We haven’t’ redesigned our logo – We have simply changed the way we use it.

    We felt Your Online Presence was strong enough to take on the face of our brand. We kept with pink and green and ensured we had a black and a white logo for other print materials. Sometimes you just need to have a tidy up, be clearer with your message. That what we felt we needed to do!

    So that poses the question – What is the difference? Although you may be thinking are they the same thing? The simplest way to explain the differences are this.

    A redesign is when you maintain a visual connection with how the brand was seen before but change the design or message of the brand. A rebrand is a Full redesign of the brand, name, logo, colours etc, and no visual connection with how the brand was seen before.

    A redesign can range anywhere from understated to very obvious such as:

    • A optimised or slightly changed logo
    • Rewriting or updating the slogan
    • Updating brand colour palette
    • Updating typography styles
    • Redesigning corporate identity pieces and marketing materials – business cards, website, flyers etc.
    • Revising style guides and brand usage

    You may feel your brand isn’t where it should be or you might think you have the best brand in the world but it’s not reflecting the times, or your core values. You may not realise but your overall brand recognition is extremely important – more so with the world being online. There is a lot of noise out there and you want to make sure you are being heard amongst it all.

    Rebranding is what needs to happen if a brand:

    • Isn’t connecting with target audience
    • Is confusing to the public
    • Have contradictory messages and inconsistencies – such as offline marketing materials and online marketing materials – does your business card match your website?
    • Completely falsifies the services or mission statement

    We offer a range of services for start-ups and more established businesses so why not get in contact with us for your web design needs and you could find yourselves featuring in our blog! Call Your Online Presence on 01787 220 314 or email hello@youronlinepresence.co.uk

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