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    Category Archives: Graphic Design

    Why Isn’t Anyone Coming or staying on My Website?

    As a web design and development studio we know the importance of your online presence. You might be wondering why are people not visiting your site? Or if they are visiting they seem to be leaving straight away (this is referred to as the bounce rate) What is the bounce rate? Well if you are […]

    How to Design for a Particular Target Audience

    A product is not meant for everyone; there will only be a certain segment of the population drawn to it, and businesses need to focus on that target audience. One of the major aspects of specific targeting is design. A website dedicated to women’s products should appeal to that specific demographic, but how can that […]

    What Makes a Good Business Logo

    One of the most essential aspects of starting a business is designing a logo. An effective logo helps in branding a business and is a great marketing tool. That said, it is utterly important to ensure that the necessary characteristics of a logo are taken into consideration when coming up with the logo design. While […]

    Basic Colour Theory

    A logo plays an important role in creating a brand for a company. It visually represents the business and the colours used provide important information about the company. It conveys the core identity of the business to the audience. That said, it is essential that the design of the logo is well-thought of, from the […]