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    Welcome to Your Online Presence

    Who are we?

     Your Online Presence was established in Essex in 2014, with a strong vision. This was to create websites that were clear, concise and impactful. We recently took on some new staff and as a result we felt it was time to rebrand YOP web design to Your Online Presence.

    Why did we choose to rebrand?

    When reviewing our brand, we felt we needed to add a bit more zing to what we had on show. We wanted to have a brand that would show case what we could do for our clients.

    Why work with us?

    Our vision is to ensure the best relationship with our clients, before, during and after a project is completed. Our clients are key to the running of Your Online Presence and therefore, they are the core of our business. Work with us because you will be well looked after, we will listen to what you want and deliver what you need. Our experts will discuss your project in detail so you know where you are every step of the way.

    What Can we do for your business?

    I think it is fair to say that in this day and age having an online presence is important. We will work with you to figure out what your business needs.

    We can offer:

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    What you get:

    • We discuss your exact requirements.
    • Research your competition.
    • Present to you all costs involved.
    • We will then carry out the agreed work on your website, either on-page and/or off-page optimisation.
    • Continually monitor the results after completion.
    • Make any adjustments if necessary, on a pay as you go basis.

    Print Design Services

    What you get:

    • A free consultation
    • We will conduct thorough research, which involves researching your business, the industry, and your competition.
    • We will work on ideas for the project.
    • Once we have put together a selection of proposed ideas, we will then discuss and develop them further, until they are ready for your approval.
    • Once you have approved the development phase, we will continue to work on implementing the product, keeping you informed every step of the way.
    • Once completion has been signed off, we will supply you with the print ready artwork in any format you require.

    Web Design & Web Development

    What you get:

    Design Stage –

    • A free consultation
    • Researching your business, industry, and your competitors.
    • We then implement step-by-step User Experience (UX) throughout the entire website.
    • We create pixel perfect design templates.
    • The final part of the design process involves the creation of mobile and tablet versions to ensure that your website is compatible with all platforms and devices.

    Development stage –

    • We begin with the development of your homepage, which will be created using the signed off designs mentioned earlier.
    • We continue with developing the entire site, including mobile and tablet versions.
    • We will then move onto the test phase, so we can ensure that the website displays and functions in the correct manner across all devices and browsers.
    • Once this has been signed off, we make the arrangements to make the new website live, and, depending on what is required, we may need to purchase hosting, transfer domain names and set-up email addresses. Additional costs may be incurred for this, but this is something we will have discussed with you beforehand.
    • Finally, we make the new website live. If required, we can make a backup of your old website.

    Are you a new business? We offer a fantastic start up package – Contact us so we can discuss your project today.

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